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Sunflowers ─ What They Symbolize and When to Give Them

Every flower tells a peculiar story, and sunflowers are no different. There is more to these pretty flowers than just their vibrant golden color and cheery appearance. Before getting one of these pretty flowers from a Dallas florist

near you, you might want to know what they signify.

The Symbolism Behind Sunflowers

Sunflowers, like their name suggests, are linked closely to the sun. For this reason, they symbolize many of the sun’s characteristics. From adoration to loyalty to energy to longevity, sunflowers basically represent all things vibrant and happy.

When to Give Sunflowers

Sunflowers are best given when you are looking to cheer someone up, lighten the mood, or wish someone a quick recovery. This makes them perfect flowers to bring to loved ones undergoing treatment or in recovery as well as when making an apology.

They are also perfect for wishing good luck and good fortune, especially according to Chinese culture. This makes them a great gift for people just starting businesses.

They also make a great birthday gift since they essentially represent long life and happiness.

So when next you need Flower delivery in Dallas, TX and are looking for a flower to give a friend on any of the occasions or in any of the scenarios mentioned above, you need not think too far. A sunflower is as great a choice as any. If you are looking for a romantic kind of flower, however, you are better off sticking to that trusty rose!


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