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4 Ways to Dry and Preserve Flowers

Flowers have the power to express emotions. Their beautiful colors and patterns make them attractive. Hence, we all admire flowers and wish to preserve their beauty, essence, and shine for the long term.

But how? Here are four effective ways to dry and preserve flowers; 

1. Dry in Open Air

Drying out flowers in the open air are among the easiest ways. All you need to do is to find a dry area with good air circulation and hang them upside down. Doing so will evaporate moisture from flowers into the air and dry their petals beautifully. However, open-air is great for robust flowers like long lavender and roses.

2. Dry in the Microwave

To dry flowers a bit faster than the open-air process, you can put them into the microwave. All you need to do is heat them for almost 2 to 5 minutes on a medium heat level. This microwave technique is ideal for preserving flowers like gerbera daisies. Once your flowers are dry, place them on display in a beautiful vase and enjoy.

3. Preserve with Glycerin

Glycerin is another effective way to preserve flowers. It allows you to keep dry flowers in good shapw. This is because glycerin works like water and doesn’t let plants dry. Glycerin preserves the leaves, stem, color, and texture of your flowers. 

4. Use Sand to Eliminate Moisture

Sand is another great method to eliminate moisture from flowers and dry them. Thus, sand is cheap and easily obtainable from the beach.

Not everyone can handle sand because it's tiny grains can create a mess. Most of the time, it's tiny grains stuck in your flowers, and removing them is a difficult process. Yes, hanging flowers upside down is a good option to get rid of sand. The best thing about the dry flower is that they will last for almost a month.

preserve flowers with smart techniques

Final Thoughts

Flowers are the best way to express your love, sympathy, and express emotions to your loved ones. At flowers online Dallas, we understand the value and beauty of flowers. Also, we offer same-day flower delivery in Dallas, even after our working hours. For further details, contact us, we are available to help you through!


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