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The Complete Guide to Rose Colors and Their Meanings

Back in the Victorian era—a gifted flower wasn’t just a flower. Each flower had a secret meaning attached to it and could be used to convey whatever you were feeling to your beloved. The color, the manner of delivery, and even the arrangement of the bouquet all contained some sort of hidden meaning that would remain only between the two lovers!


Even back then, as they do today, roses symbolized love. Here's a complete guide to understanding the different colors of roses and what they mean—so that you don't accidentally hint to your crush that they've been friend-zoned.

Red Roses

Red roses are a classic. They symbolize a strong romantic love connection and passion. Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries are perfect occasions to convey your love and appreciation to your significant other. So, never shy away from gifting the one you love red roses since research has found that they’ve got mood-elevating and relaxation-inducing properties!

White Roses

White roses have various symbolic associations. In Christianity, the color white is associated with the Virgin Mary and represents chastity, purity, and innocence. However, white is also traditionally linked to new beginnings and marriage. The purity of the color white conveys respect, pays homage to new starts, and symbolizes hope for a bright future. This makes it a perfect rose for a farewell, anniversary, or wedding.

A bunch of pink roses

Pink Roses

Pink roses represent sophistication and elegance and are often gifted to one to portray appreciation and admiration. Pale pink roses symbolize grace and happiness; darker roses symbolize gratitude. Since pink roses are diverse, they can be used to portray love both platonically and romantically. Pink roses are appropriate as thank you gifts, to congratulate or to commemorate a friend or lover.

Yellow Roses

The meaning associated with yellow roses has changed over time. In the Victorian era, yellow roses represented infidelity, greed, and jealousy. In today's age, yellow roses symbolize friendship, cheery, joy, and affection. Yellow roses are perfect as congratulatory gifts or special occasions such as an engagement, welcoming a baby, or even as a "Get Well Soon" gift.

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