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The Importance Of Gifting Flowers In Different Cultures

Flowers are a gift for every time, age, and occasion. You can certainly never go wrong with gifting flowers— whether it’s for a loved one, a parent, or even a friend. Have you ever wondered how that came to be?


Across the world, there are different cultures with varying beliefs and values. However, one thing remains uniform: flowers are go-to accessories for every occasion. No matter where you are in the world, gifting someone flowers is the safest bet. Here’s your complete guide on the significance of gifting flowers in different cultures:

1. Japan

In Japan, the act of gifting and receiving flowers is widely associated with tradition. Japanese culture relies heavily on the right kind of flower for every occasion as they place great importance on the meaning associated with it. This is called Hananokotaba, a form of ancient Japanese art, meaning the secret Japanese language of flowers.

From Chrysanthemums as symbols for the Japanese emperor to Cherry Blossoms being symbols for festivity and kindness, flowers make up an important element of Japanese symbolism.

2. China

Chinese culture comprises of respect, friendship, and hospitality. With these values, the importance of flowers as a gift is a significant part of Chinese culture.

Flowers have special meanings in China too. Pomegranate flowers and red Chinese roses are great for joyous occasions and express best wishes for the start of a new chapter; while white and yellow chrysanthemums represent mourning or loss and are usually gifted at funerals.

A mother is helping her daughter pour into a cup, with flowers on the table

3. Egypt

The tradition of gift-giving in Egypt goes back to the time of the pyramid structures built for the pharaohs. These pharaohs would decorate their carts with flowers. Although most of the country was barren, the river Nile floods would bring about a plethora of fresh flowers and plants surrounding the area.

Over time, the importance of flowers in Egypt reduced, and currently, floral gifts are only given at either weddings or funerals.

4. Russia

In Russian culture, a unique meaning is associated with the number of flowers being gifted. Always gift an uneven number of flowers because an even quantity depicts mourning and should be gifted at funerals.

Yellow flowers portray sadness and gloom, while red flowers express love.

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