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Unknown Facts about Flowers

Flowers can be seen almost everywhere; they’re grown alongside lanes, collected in vases to decorate homes, and planted in the garden. If you believe you know everything there is to learn about these beautiful blossoms, here is a perfect guide to few surprising unknown flower facts you might have missed.


1. The world’s largest flower is 3 meters long

The world's largest flower is the Titan Arum. It’s also known as the Corpse Flower due to its unbearable smell that attracts pollinators such as bugs and flies. The world’s largest flower’s length and diameter are 3 meters.

2. The queen of the night blooms once a year

The Kadupul flower, a flickering beauty from Sri Lanka that blooms as rarely as once a year, is beautiful and fleeting. It only blooms in the dark of the night and fades away until sunrise. It dies quickly the moment it’s plucked. It is also called the queen of the night.

3. The most expensive flower is worth $200,000

Nongke Orchid from Shenzhen is the most expensive flower ever sold. It’s named after the university where it was produced. Scientists worked for eight years to create the delicate bloom, which sold for $200,000 at auction in 2005. It’s now the most valuable flower ever sold.

4. The most expensive spice is made up of a flower

Saffron is made from the Crocus sativus, which blooms in the fall. It’s the most expensive spice in the world, made from the saffron crocus's dried stigmas.

5. Sunflowers change position

Thousands of tiny flowers known as florets make up each sunflower; the classic sunflower bloom may have up to 2000 flowers. Interestingly, all these florets change position during the day as the sun moves from east to west.

6. The smallest flower is about the size of a grain

The watermeal, or Wolffia globosa, is the world's tiniest flower. This bright green oval plant seems to be about the size of a rice grain and can be found worldwide. The watermelon flower is 1/42” long and 1/85” high.

7. Tulip bulbs were used as a source of food

The fact that this flower fact is well-known makes it essential to understand why people would eat tulips. While no one ever said that tulip bulbs were delicious, they were eaten due to starvation and a lack of food. Tulip bulbs were said to taste sour and dry during World War II, but many people survived the war by eating them.

Chamomile flowers growing in a garden

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